From Hollywood to Jail: Top 10 Celebrity Arrests of 2019

Jail is something not attractive to be in. And while it is the most avoided place by many, you probably have heard celebrities getting into prison from time to time.

These celebrities are as young as 27 and as old as 81. All of them made some noises and headlines in the previous year, 2019, for allegedly breaking some laws. The charges that are put against them range from little offenses like climate change protests to serious offense like groping women illegally and sexually abusing young females.

Luckily, most of them were able to get out of the prison after bailing out and proving their innocence. It is important to take note that the bailing system is different from state to state, and if you happen to find yourself get accused of something, the Las Vegas bail bonds can be one of the difficult matters to handle. So, it is better to ask for help and professional advice.

The following are the celebrities who got arrested in 2019:

1.Sam Hunt

This 34-year old musician was arrested after getting caught driving while intoxicated with liquor. He was thrown into jail when the police found out he was driving the wrong way before catching several beer containers in his car. He showed severe alcohol impairment but later apologized to the public after getting detained.

2.R. Kelly

The singer was known and popularized by his ever-famous song, “I Believe I Can Fly.” However, in 2019, he was sent into prison for charges of sexual assaults. This was sparked by the documentary of his long history of sexual assault allegations.

His first arrest happened in February last year when police accused him of sexually assaulting four 13-tear old young females. He was charged and forced him to pay the victims’ families to cover up years of sexual abuse. It was even told that the singer demanded his victims to call him “daddy.”

3.Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda, together with other celebrities including Sally Field, Sam Waterson, and Diane Lane had been arrested several times in the previous year because of the series climate protests that happened in Washington D.C. The celebrities’ rallies were inspired by young activists like the famous Greta Thunberg and other climate activists.

4.Asap Rocky

This famous actor, whose true name is Rakim Mayers, made noises and headlines when he was jailed after a street brawl in Stockholm. In fact, it created noise to the extent that the president himself denounced his arrest and asked him to be freed.

He was held behind bars for a month before he was finally freed. However, after a couple of days, he was found guilty, but still, the actor found a way to escape prison while being ordered to pay $1,300 fine.

There are still many celebrities that had gone into jail in the previous year. While some of these celebrities were charged for sexual assaults, others are jailed because of noble reasons such as what Jane Fonda and other celebrities had.

Although charged multiple times, it was plain to see that most of these celebrities could still get away from the law so long as they pay thousands of dollars. Are you confident about this?

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